(§ 1) Terms and Conditions of Purchase of the Zecero.pl online store

These terms and conditions are addressed to consumers and specify the rules and procedures for the conclusion of the Distance Selling Agreement with the Consumer through the Store.

These Regulations are addressed both to Consumers and to Entrepreneurs using the Shop and specify the principles of use of the Online Store and the rules and mode of conclusion of Sales Agreements with the Customer at a distance through the Store.

(§ 2) Definitions

1st Consumer - a natural person concluding an agreement with the Seller under the Store, the object of which is not directly related to his business or professional activity.

2nd Seller - Adjatech distributor of the Zecero brand with its registered office in Janikowo near Poznań at 26-28 Gnieźnieńska Street, postal code 62-006 Kobylnica.

3rd Customer - each entity making purchases through the Store.

4th Entrepreneur - a natural person, a legal person and an organizational unit that is not a legal person, to which a separate act grants legal capacity, performing on its own behalf the business activity that uses the Store.

5th Shop - an online store operated by the Seller at www.zecero.pl

6th Distance contract - an agreement concluded with the Customer under an organized system for the conclusion of agreements at a distance (as part of the Store), without the simultaneous physical presence of the parties, with the exclusive use of one or more means of distance communication until the conclusion of the agreement.

7th Regulations - these Regulations of the Store.

8th Order - a statement of the Customer's will made using the Order Form and aimed directly at concluding a Sales Agreement for the Product or Products with the Seller.

9th Account - the Customer's account in the Store, where the data given by the Customer and information on Orders placed by him/her in the Store are collected.

10th Registration form - a form available at the Store which enables the creation of an Account.

11th Order form - an interactive form available at the Store which enables placing an Order, in particular by adding Products to the Cart and specifying the terms of the Sales Agreement, including the method of delivery and payment.

12th Cart - an element of the Store's software, in which the Products selected by the Customer for purchase are visible, and it is also possible to determine and modify the data of the Order, in particular the quantity of products.

13th Sales Agreement - a Product sales agreement concluded or concluded between the Customer and the Seller via the Online Store.

(§ 3) Contact with the shop

1) Address of the Seller: Gnieźnieńska Street 26-28 Janikowo near Poznań 62-006 Kobylnica

2. the Seller's e-mail address: biuro@zecero.pl

3. the telephone number of the Seller: +48 61 867 40 94 / 531 541 040

4. the seller's fax number: +48 61 868 73 76

The Client may communicate with the Seller using the addresses and telephone numbers given in this paragraph.

7th The Client may communicate with the Seller by phone within hours: 8:30-16:30

(§ 4)Technical requirements

The use of the Shop, including browsing the Shop's assortment and placing orders for the Products, is necessary:

a. a terminal device with access to the Internet and a web browser,

b. Active e-mail account (e-mail)

c. cookies enabled

(§ 5)General information

1st The Seller, to the fullest extent permitted by law, is not responsible for interruptions, including interruptions in the functioning of the Store caused by force majeure, unauthorized third party action or incompatibility of the Online Store with the technical infrastructure of the Customer.

2nd browsing through the Store's range of products does not require setting up an Account. Placing orders by the Customer for Products in the Store's range of products is possible after setting up an Account in accordance with the provisions of § 6 of the Regulations.

3rd Before clicking on the buy now think carefully about the purchase. If you have any doubts, please contact us by phone or e-mail. Our specialist will help you by answering any questions.

4th The prices in the store are given in Polish zloty and are gross prices (including VAT).

5th The final (final) amount to be paid by the Customer consists of the price for the Product and the cost of delivery (including fees for transport, delivery and postal services), of which the Customer is informed on the pages of the Store when placing an Order, including the moment of expressing the will to be bound by the Sales Agreement.

6th If the nature of the subject matter of the Agreement does not allow, judiciously assessing, for an earlier calculation of the final (final) price, information about the manner in which the price will be calculated, as well as fees for transport, delivery, postal services and other costs, will be given in the Store in the description of the Product.

5th when placing an order, please specify whether a vat invoice or a receipt will be issued.

6th A VAT invoice by name or company will contain the data that the Customer will provide during

* In the case of a non-standard order (a design that is prepared for special customer orders), if the customer has previously accepted the design, we reserve the right not to accept returns unless it has been damaged.