Zecero - Stainless steel letters, grave crosses and accessories for the stonemasonry industry.

ZECERO is a renowned manufacturer of stainless steel products, whose products are dedicated to the stone and architectural industry. For years, we have specialised in the creation of elements that give character and individual expression to gravestones and other metalworking projects. Our production range mainly includes steel letters, vases, lamps, effigies, grave crosses, religious symbols and decorations for monuments. Each of these products is made with attention to the smallest details to meet the expectations of our customers.

Our company attaches great importance to personalisation and an individual approach to each project. Our products are not only used to decorate tombstones, but also to create signs, emblems, and inscriptions for various purposes, according to the customer’s wishes. We work closely with our customers to provide them with exactly what they need. Every project is a challenge for us, which we passionately accept and fulfil.

We manufacture our products from metal and other top quality materials, using the latest technology available in the metalworking industry. Our range includes products in a variety of metal types, including steel, bronze, copper, brass, aluminium, and many more. This enables us to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

Our products are always available, thanks to maintaining full stock levels. Supported by a well-developed sales network and focused on good sales service and elaborate logistics, we ensure timely deliveries throughout the country and abroad. Therefore, our customers can be sure that they will receive their orders quickly and efficiently.

In addition to the precision of our products and the quality of our logistics, we pay great attention to the design and typographic analysis of the letters we offer. To this end, we cooperate with renowned designers and typographers from the best Polish art schools. This constant consultation allows us to continuously develop our range of products to always meet the highest aesthetic standards.

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of stainless steel accessories, we warmly invite you to work with ZECERO. Together, we can create beautiful and durable solutions that add a unique touch to any tombstone or architectural project. Joint projects are and will always be a huge source of inspiration for us!

Gravestone product range


Unparalleled elegance and durability – ZECERO tombstone letters to express remembrance and respect.


Created to shine a light of remembrance – the ZECERO gravestone lamps, combining design refinement with durability.


ZECERO: grave vases that add harmony and charm to any burial site.


Clear and meaningful – ZECERO epigraphs, perfectly finished, reflecting the story of a life.

Openwork signs

ZECERO’s artistic and sophisticated openwork plaques, adding depth to any monument.

Engraved plaques

ZECERO presents precisely engraved plaques, creating personal and lasting memories.

Hanging crosses

A symbol of faith and remembrance, the ZECERO hanging crosses are ideal for commemorating loved ones.

Hanging crosses

Luxurious and unique – premium ZECERO hanging crosses, for those who seek the extraordinary.


ZECERO’s majestic standing crosses, providing a dignified tribute to the dead.


Subtle details in the form of ZECERO decorative mouldings, adding sophistication to any tombstone.

Ornamental mouldings

ZECERO presents unequal-armed crosses – deep symbolism and unique design, honouring the diversity of expressions of faith


Express your respect with ZECERO tombstone ornaments that beautifully enhance the monument.

Grave frames

ZECERO tombstone frames: subtle accents that convey deep emotion and remembrance.

Gravestone flowers

ZECERO grave sheds – durable and beautiful, reflecting deep love and remembrance.

Tombstone decorations

ZECERO grave decorations – personalise your resting place with class and respect.


ZECERO fulfils individual wishes – unique tombstone designs, tailored to your needs.

and hobbies

Pay tribute to the passions of life with ZECERO – professions and hobbies immortalised in metal.

and symbols

Discover symbolic meanings with ZECERO – astrological and symbolic accents on tombstones.


Rosettes from ZECERO – subtle details that add elegance and symbolism to any monument.

Durability and Aesthetics of Stainless Steel Products

Why do we use stainless steel for our letters, lamps, vases, epigraphs, plaques, crosses, straps, frames and ornaments? Apart from its aesthetic properties, stainless steel is weather-resistant and can withstand practically anything. Steel letters are an ideal idea for a gravestone, many stainless steel accessories allow you to create an interesting composition which can include steel hanging and standing crosses, lamps and vases made using different metal processing methods. Ornaments of any theme made in collaboration with graphic designers. Other interesting solutions instead of letters are, for example, openwork plaques (burnt through) and engraved plaques. Another alternative is the epigraph, which allows for the design of a gravestone inscription in a closed composition using our fonts. Stainless steel strips can decorate a memorial in an interesting way or be converted into a customised uneven-armed cross of any size. Many size formats of photo frames allowing you to commemorate the deceased by placing a beautifully decorated photo.

Visiting the zecero.com homepage, one cannot help but be proud of Zecero’s recent achievement at the prestigious STONE Fair, where, as a manufacturer of stainless steel products, we were awarded the MTP Gold Medal. This accolade is a testament to our commitment to providing top-class products that will find their way into not only tombstone letters or gravestone letters, but also the entire range of cemetery accessories.

Our online shop zecero.com offers a spectrum of choice – from cemetery letters, letters for monuments, metal letters and bronze letters to gravestone decorations and grave crosses. There is something for everyone, whether polished letters, black letters or gold letters, as well as ornaments for gravestones and standing crosses. Our openwork plaques, engraved plaques and epigraphs are just some of the offerings that will enhance the individuality of any memorial.

We encourage you to dive into our extensive range, where stainless steel letters and inox letters bear witness to our craftsmanship and passion for metalwork. Uneven-armed crosses, decorative gravestone mouldings, gravestone ornaments, gravestone frames or even flowers and decorations – all made with extreme care and attention to detail. We also do not forget about individual orders, where each rosette, decorative letter or gravestone sentence becomes a unique work of art.

Our products, awarded at the STONE Fair, are a reflection of our striving for perfection. With every cemetery memorial, we make sure that the gravestone letters or cemetery cross are not only durable, but also aesthetically pleasing to the personal character of the memorial. Zecero is more than just products – it’s a guarantee that each piece will serve as a beautiful and worthy memorial for years to come.

We cordially invite you to visit our shop zecero.com, where the MTP Gold Medal is just one proof that quality goes hand in hand with beauty and innovation with us. Let us help you choose the perfect overlay letters, crosses for tombstones or tombstone accessories that will show respect and remembrance for those who are no longer with us.

gravestone greta stainless steel letters polished Zecero

Lamp 1201
Size: 28x15 cm
Stone: impala

Vase 1401
Size: 230x13 cm
Finish: polished/polished

Font: Greta
Finish: polished


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