Individual orders

We specialise in customised orders for stainless steel headstones, offering products tailored to the unique needs and wishes of our customers. Our stainless steel tombstones are synonymous with durability, elegance and modern design. With personalisation options, we can create unique monuments that perfectly reflect the personality and life of the deceased. We work with clients at every stage of the process – from design to fabrication – to ensure that the final product fully meets their expectations. Choose our services to commemorate your loved ones in a unique and lasting way that will stand the test of time.

IHS 3193

Pacifica 3212

Christian Fish 3213

Deer 3129

Bird 3145

Dove 3144

Bee 3147

Swallow 3150

Stork 3151

Fish 3152

Butterfly 3104

Notes 3142

Anchor 3101

Podkowa 3215

Clover 3146

Palm 3143

Bonzai Tree 3153

Tree Symbol 3154

Cello 3216

Bike 3149

Helicopter 3148